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When getting dressed for the day, especially a work day, sometimes it’s difficult to choose an outfit. Would this top look better that pair of pants? How do you to choose the right accessories for an outfit? How do you avoid outfit repeats from one week to the next? Is there a way to NOT spend a fortune on clothes that are acceptable for the working-world? Here are some tips and tricks on how to build yourself a work wardrobe that mixes and matches basics with fun accessories and won’t drain your salary.

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Despite having Betty tops and Nancy skirts in our webshop for a while now, let’s have a look at them anyway!

If you’re going to a celebration, a work party (or perhaps only to work) or a dinner/date and want to/need to look elegant, Nancy skirts can be part of such outfit. They are made of stretchy cotton, zip at the back and there are pleated tail panels at the bottom back - see the grey one at the top right corner.

Nancy skirts go wll with Betty tops or recently added Star shirts. Apart from brown, these shirts come in same colours and fabrics as Nancy skirts. Instead of keeping your outfit in one colour, try to experiment a little. We put a cream Betty top on a mannequin with a black Nancy skirt (see the last image). Not bad, is it? :)
There are also Star shirts in other colours and materials available in our online shop. Check out the red tartan or pink tartan ones, to name just a couple.

Katie elegant shirts are gaining on popularity. They are now available in olive, white, cream, brown and black chiffon with lace.

Margaret tops in black and cream jacquard shown above are currently only available in Burleska Boutique in Camden Stables Market, London. Come try them on. We are open every day. :)

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so cool and inspiring home offices - wish my was looking like one of these :)

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Add Polish To The Leather…

I have been lusting over leather pencil skirts for a while. Like, foaming at the mouth. This number here? Well I recently added this leather skirt to my repertoire. Initially I peeped it at full price - just about jumped out my damn skin. Then it went on sale. Basically the tag showed the price it should have been from the beginning. Now it’s in my possession. I think I will wear it when I shower, moisturise, at work, exercising, shopping, cooking, cleaning and sleeping. Jokes aside, I think you get the point. I will be wearing this leather skirt A LOT. Abuse of power. Sunnies - Dolce & Gabbana, Bag - Top Shop, Shirt - CUE, Bow Tie - Sportsgirl, Skirt - Top Shop, Shoes - Wittner
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Building a Work Wardrobe: Step 5 of 5
See also : Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 & Step 4.


Building a Work Wardrobe: Step 5 of 5

See also : Step 1, Step 2, Step 3 & Step 4.

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My cousin slays all and no one can tell me otherwise✨🎀👑

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via Arwelle.
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A little slice of: Not your average Bun


A little slice of: Not your average Bun

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